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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Signing My X on the Line

This post is a throwback of the year's events, starting from Q2 2014. Since I have not been consistently updating this blog, I will be catching up on significant events in a non-chronological way. It is rather irritating because I love things to be in a systematic sequence. However, I hope this will help treat my compulsion for structure and order when it comes to having a little chaos in life.

May 2014

I have officially become a Mrs 5 months after he proposed. He popped the question 2 days before Christmas 2013, but that's another story; more in the next entry.

We chose a day after his dad’s birthday to avoid a clash of celebrations. Family birthdays and romantic anniversaries are just as important, and I want to celebrate our day exclusively just the two of us. I am reminded of a friend whose anniversary falls on the birthday of her boyfriend's father, and like most Asian families, filial piety is non-negotiable. Hence, I am not in favour of such 2-in-1 celebrations.

I do
The ceremony was a simple one attended by family and close friends. Still, simple as it is, it was very exhausting. We were mostly on the road attending family dinners. Getting both families together and planning the logistics since my parents were from outstation proved to be very time consuming because of the distance.

Also, I couldn't remember putting on so much make up in my life (since the last time I emcee-d my university first ball night in 2004). The make up artist service was a gift from friends. I had actually planned on doing my own make up initially, and W had to break the surprise early to me because I would need to wake up very early for the artist to do her job - 2 hours!

Holding my bouquet, a gift from my new sisters-in-law
Imagine, this was just a simple signing ceremony, and not the actual wedding. I shudder thinking about the real wedding ceremony. We have yet to set the date for the traditional ceremony. We probably shouldn't be dilly-dallying, but the bride-zilla in me is still in slumber. Oh, the day she wakes up, you'll hear me roar!

While we are legally married, tradition still dictates we are not. Hence, I will still be happily receiving angpows during Chinese New Year for at least one more year or until we tie the customary knot. Still, it doesn't stop me from introducing my better half as my hubby. 

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